You can read books or ask friends and family, but no one really prepares you for life as a new mother. Well, almost no one.

At Mama Cotton, we help you enjoy the wonders of pregnancy. Because wearing your old underwear, as your belly expands and grows may no longer be a comfortable option.

 There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child. ” Anne Lamott

There are no words to describe that feeling when you hold your newborn baby. At Mama Cotton, we are standing right beside you—swathing you in comfort. Our maternity and infant clothing collections are made from the softest luxurious lightweight cotton because you (and your baby) deserve the best.

I like taking a product like maternity underwear and dramatically improving the design. Giving mamas exactly what they ask for—lightweight, flexible comfort in fabrics soft as satin. Wilson Wang, Designer & Founder

Our goal is to design products that are comfortable to wear—classic coverage without the pressure. Maternity and baby clothing in breathable soft cotton fabrics that never compromise quality or break the bank. Clothes that make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience.

Welcome to Mamahood!