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Why should I buy maternity?
Our maternity clothing is designed and made for women who are expecting. The dimensions and cuts of the clothing have been constructed to stretch over areas that grow while pregnant, in a flattering way. Style that fits, and also feels good, allows you to look like you… just with a bump.
When should I buy maternity clothes?
In the early weeks, start with a maternity belly band like tummy sleeves to add some extra comfort as your body starts to change. When your pants get snug and you start showing, usually by the end of the first trimester, it’s time to transition into a maternity wardrobe. You may also notice your breasts getting large, even faster than your belly. We suggest investing in a maternity bra early on, which allows you to keep wearing tops comfortably, without bulging or pressing. Our maternity bras include nursing functionality, so you can rest assured that it’s a sound investment straight into motherhood.
what will I definitely need?
There are Five Fundamentals every woman needs in her pregnancy wardrobe – a pair of leggings, a t-shirt, a dress, a bra, and a pair of jeans. Each of these is designed to grow with your bump and flatter your body as you move through the stages of pregnancy and into early motherhood. 
What kind of bra do I wear during pregnancy?
One made specifically for growing breasts due to pregnancy and nursing. Our nursing bras are made for both. With breathable, comfortable and seamless material, our bras offer clip-down, clip-up, pulldown or pullover nursing features. 
How do nursing bras work? What are the different types of nursing bras?
We offer a wide range of nursing styles for ultimate comfort and function. Wireless, underwire, seamless and sleepstyles will ensure you are covered for every day and every style. Nursing bras are either designed to be pulldown or clip-down for access.
What are nursing shirts for breastfeeding?
Nursing tops and nursing dresses are specifically made for new moms who are breastfeeding and pumping. Their construction includes easy access and discreet ways to nurse from a pulldown top, lift-up opening, clip-down straps and more.

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